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Arrow Chapter 164 , 0. E , S.
meets 1st Tuesday each mouth.
Mrs. Artie Pureell , Mutrbu.
Mrs. Kutie Muuk , Scc'y
Broken Bow Camp No. 4477MWA
Meets 1st nud 3d Tuesdays.
Wilbur Ilolconib , V. C.
F. M. Skillnum , Clerk.
Setting Sun Camp , R. N.
Meets 2d and 4lh Saturday after
Mrs. Striekler , Oracle.
Mrs. G. T. llobiuson , Recorder.
Shiloh Commandry No. 25.
Knights Templar
Meets 12nd Thursdays.
J. J. Wilson , Com.
Alpha Morgan , Recorder.
Broken Bow Lodge 119 I.O.O.F.
Meets ( -very Monday night.
C. T. Robinson , N. G.
C. R. Luce , Scc'y-
! t Broken Bow Kebekah Lodge 110
Meets 1st and 3d Fridays.
Mrs. Einmu Cole , N. G.
Mrs. J. B. Osborne , Scc'y.
Equality Lodge , 296 , M. B. A.
Meets 2d and 4th Friday nights
in I. 0. 0. P. Jinll
M. D. Gallon , President.
Mrs. D. M. Amsbcrry , Sec'y.
Emmet Crawford Lodge No. 148
A. F. & A. M.
Meets Saturday on or before the
full of the moon.
Geo. Willing , W. M.
Geo. B. Mr.iiScc'y -
Horeb Chapter No. 49
R. A. M.
Meets last Friday each rnoiith.
M. K. ILiRcrdoin , II. P
Alpha Morgan , Sec'y.
ftl. E. fliurcli. R. II. Thompson. Pastor
Sun-lay School 10:00 : a. in ;
morning' iermon 11:00 : a m ; Jun
ior league 2:30 : p m ; Epwortb
league 6:30 : p in ; eveningsermou
7:30 : p. ra ; E. L. Mission Study
Class , Wednesday 7:30 : prayer
meeting' Thursday 7:30 : p. m.
Cou. fcji worship with us you
w" v' . ! ringer in the cruircb
but once.
Daptisl iliurch. A. T. Norwood , Paslo
l" Sunda ) School 10:00 : a. m
pTeaching 11:00 : a. m ; Junior ,
union 3:00 : p m ; B. Y P. U 7:00 :
p. m ; preaching1 8:00 : p. m ;
teachers' meeting Monday 7:30
p. ra ; Agoga class Tuesday 7:30 :
p. m ; pravor meeting1 Wednesdtu
8:00 : p m ; Atnoraa class first and
third ' uesdny of each montl-
7:30 : p m.
Christian Church Z. 0. Dovard. Pastor
The Bible school of the Christian
church will render a cantata next
Saturday evening at 7:30 : o'clock.
Teh Sunday preaching services will
be In keeping with the season. Ev
erybody is invited.
St. Johns Spi&copnl Church.
Will S. J. Dumvill , Rector.
Morning Prayer and sermon 11
o'clock ; Even-song and address 7:30 :
Sunday School 10:00 : o'clock a. m.
TJ.1J. Church , HJI. Sprncklen , Pastor
Order of servlses at the U. D.
church , Sunday , Jan. 1 , 1911 : 10
a. m. Sunday School ; 11 a. m.
Preaching Service ; 7:30 : p. in. Jubi
lee or Special Service. A review of
the Church In the past , a look at th
present , a glimpse of the future.
A number of the "Laity" as well as
the pastor will speak upon these
topics , an Invitation Is extended to
the members and friends of the
church to be present.
FOR RENT. Brick store room
and suite of five rooms on second
floor. Will rent separately If do-
Blrod. B. C. House.
Answer One Written Question Each
\\ook For Firty-'i'wo XYuckti
And \Vln A Prise.
The Prl7.es.
First Scries A. gold medal to
each of the first five contestants.
Second Series A silver medal to
each of the next five contestants. ยง
Third Series A Teacher's Hible ,
price $5.50 , to each of the next five
Fourth Series The book/'Thc
Heart of Christianity , " price $1.50
to each of the next thirty-five con
Fifth Series A developed mind ,
nu oxpandedlinagiiistlou , a higher e.v
perlence mid u more profound know
ledge of tlto Bible and of life to all
who take this course whether win
ning any other prize or not.
Each medal will he suitably en
graved , giving the name of the win
ner , and for wh'it it is awarded , and
in lilce manner each lilble and book
will be inscribed. .
( Copyright , Rev. T.S.Llnscott , DD )
Lesson For January 1 , 11)11.
he Kingdom lilvt'.n. I Kings
xilI-24. :
Golden Text tlo Unit walketh
wij ii wise men Hliull beiso ; but a
t'lUjwirton of fools shall be destroyed
Prov. xlli:20. :
(1) ( ) Verso 1 Whoso son was
Rehoboam and what was his gener
al character ?
(2) ( ) What king had just passed
away and what had been the nature
.of his reign ?
(3 ( Verses 2-fi Who was Jeroboam
beam and what part had ho pre
viously played in Israel ?
(4) ( ) Why was Jeroboam In Egypt
and who called him ho iie ?
(5) ( ) What request did Jeroboam
make to Rohoboam ?
( G ) Howlong should it take a
man to decide on a matter of right
and wrong ?
(7) ( ) What is indicated as to the
character of Itehoboam in taking it
dnys to give his answer whether ho
would do the right thing ? ) This
question must be answered by mem
bers of the club. )
(8) ( ) Verses G-7 What was the
advice and the moral quality which
the old man gave Rehoboam ?
(9) Verses 8-11 Is the advice of
old men , concerning matters of right
and wrong , or of wise policy , more
likely to be right than that of young
men ? Why ?
(10) ( ) Did the young men advise
the king conscientiously , and what
do you think of their advice ?
(11) ( ) Is It moral or immoral , and
why , for the Opposition to oppose a
good Government measure simply fo
the sake of opposition ?
(12) ( ) Verses 12-14 Wherein con
sisted the mistake of the answer of
Rehoboam ?
(13) ( ) What resulted from Reho-
boam's answer and what would prob
ably have been the result If ho had
granted the request of the people ?
(14) ( ) When a moral sentiment of
a majority of the people is known ,
how much reliance should we place
upon it ?
(15) ( , This mistake of Rehoboam
was irreparable : how may such mis
takes be made today ?
(1C ( ) Verso 15 See Chap. xlll :
and say how much God had to do
with this act of folly of Rehoboam ?
(37) ( ) In what sense , if any , was
Rehoboam's answer "from the
Lord ? "
(18) ( ) Verse 1C Why was Isreal
justified in rebelling against King
Rehoboam , and1 why was the United
States justified In rebelling aginast
George III ?
(19) ( ) Verses 17-24 What part of
the original kingdom remained with
Rehoboam , and what part rebelled ?
(20) How did Rehoboam' follow
up his fatal blunder ?
(21) ( ) Jeroboam was the popular
choice of Israel for King what reaso
is there to think ho was also God's
choice ?
(22) ( ) Did the people select Jeroboam
beam because he was God's choice ,
why or why not ?
(23) ) Did God select Jeroboam be
cause he was the choice of the people
ple or for some other reason ?
(24) ) Docs God always have Ills
way In the choice of national rulers ?
Lesson for Sunday , Jan. 8 , 1911.
Jeroboam Makes Idols for Israel to
Worship. I Kings xll:25 : XillG. :
The meetings of Organized Agri
culture will bo hold at Lincoln , Jan
uary IGth to 20th , 1911. Eighteen
State organisations participate In
this annual meeting. In the discus
sion of animals , Tuesday will be de
voted to horse * , Wednesday to
swine and Thursday to cattle with
full discussions on the silo on Fri
day morning.
Can you tell why the cattle of
Nebraska has decreased over 500-
000 head in the past two years ? If
so , come to the meeting of Organ
ized Agriculture at Lincoln , Janu
ary IGth to 20th , 1911 , and let Ne
braska farmers bo ready to take
advantage of the high prices of the
future which must come from the
decreased output. '
M. U. A. lU'coid.
W. C. Holmes , district deputy for
the Modern Brotherhood spent Xmas
In Broken Bow , Mr. Holmes ranks
28 among the 200 or more deputies
of the United States and has won
state honors twice since July , one
being a prize of $15.00 in gold. IIo
lias charge of the North Platte ter
ritory with headquarters at Broken
A Close Call.
Prof. Tom Mulllns of the Anselmo
high school narrowly escaped falling
under n train last Friday morning.
He attempted to board a moving
train at Anselmo his foot slipped and
had It not been for the timely ac
tion of conductor J. N. Andrews
and the presence of mind of Mulling
there would have been a fatal acci
dent as well as a sad Christmas for
a family.
Another Elm .Creole Hey In Trouble.
The officers of Duwson county
have dlsccv-pd the parentage of the
dead babe found In a nude state ,
frozen to death In a Held near Lex
ington , a week ago. The mother Is
a young girl seventeen years of ago
named Bessie Pollott , whoso parents
live near Cozad , and the young man
Is Pros Lanham , whoso home is at
Elm Creek. Both had been workIng -
Ing In a restaurant. Both have
been arrested , have had a prelimin
ary hearing and bound over to the
district court Lanham In the sum
of $1,000 and the girl In the sum
of $300. Kearney Democrat.
IJig Race for Votes in the llyersou
Piano Contest.
There was unusual interest in
the contest this week with quite a
change in their respective places.
Wo arc pleased with the outlook of
this contest and the Interest of the
voters Is evidence that they appre
ciate' ' this beautiful prize piano we
arc chlng away free.
The M. B. A. lodge of Broken
Bow made a gain on the M. W. A.
lodge of 1G4 votes.
The Moron vote which was prom
ised Is in this week and changes
the complexion of things consider
Next week there is likely to be
a radical change as we have made
several good piano sales which have
been passed upon favorably and
will be accepted by the firm this
week and the votes cast. The stand
ing is as follows :
M. W. A. Broken Bow 2S98
M. B. A. Broken Bow 2554
M , W. A. Merna 2027
I. O. O. F. Merna 2340
Eastern Stra Broken Bow. . . .1380
I. O. O. F. Broken Bow 135
Rebekalis Broken BoV 1307
M , B. A. Merna 1277
Highlanders Broken Bow. . . .1054
K. of P. Broken Bow 822
Royal Neighbors Broken Bow. .765
Masonic Broken Bow G92
Highlanders Merna G24
Degree of Honor Broken Bow. .5GO
A. O. U. W. Broken Bow 457
Masonic Merna 204
Pythian Sisters Broken Bow. . .119
R. M. L. A. Broken Bow 108
Relief Corps Broken Bow 91
L. O. T. M. Broken Bow 28
W. O. W. Broken Bow 19
Setting Sun Broken Bow G
Remember every ten cents entitles
to vote wtether on account , cash or
suitable notes , also don't forgot
we handle most everything you want
Groceries , Dry Goods , Shoes , Pianos
Organs , Sewing Machines , In fact
most any thing you might want.
Wishing you a Happy New Year ,
Rycrson Bros. Co.
Southeast Corner of Square.
Sheriff's Sale.
Notice is hereby givenThat by
virtue of an order of sale , Issued
to mo from the District Court of
Ouster County , Nebraska , upon a
decree of foreclosure rendered in
said court at the October 1909 term
thereof , to-wit : On the Gth day of
October 1909 in favor of Lars An
derson and against Harry Neale et
al. I have levied upon the follow
ing described real estate : Lot 4 ,
SW'/t NWi/j , of Section 1 , and Lot
1 , and the SEV , NKVL ofv Section
2 , Township 20 , Range 19 , in Ouster
County Nebraska , and I will on the
30th day of January 1911 , at 2
o'clock p. m. , at the South door of
the Cadwell Building where the la t
term of the district court was hold
in the city of Broken Bow , Nebras
ka , in said county , sell said real
estate at public auction to the high
est bidder for cash to satisfy said
decreo.lnterest and costs , the amount
due thereon amounting to the sum
I of $1200 with Interest thereon attho
rate of 8 per cent per annum from
October G , 1909 , and court costs a-
j mounting to $54.00 and accruing
costs. Said above described real
estate will be sold subject to all
prior liens and Incumbrances as per
certificates on file In the District
Clerk's office.
Dated the 27th day of December ,
A. D. 1910.
II. F. Kennedy.
II. J. Shlnn ,
Attorney. 30-34
Ind. I'hnnc. 187. Hell Phone , 295 & 205
We issue a contract nnd guarantee to
cure the drink Iwbtt in THRIJIS DAYS.
We employ no hypodermic ! or other
hnrsh or impossible forms of treatment ,
We not only guarantee the results of the
treatment , but the PATIENT i > the elf
judge ns to the cure. In event of bin not
having lost all desires for alcoholic llqu
ors at the end of the THIRD DAYS
If you > ourself are addicted to dtinkor
if you have any relative or friend , who is
do yourself or him the kindness of writ
ing to us for testimonials , a copy of our
contract will accompany them. Afford
us the opportunity of serving you , by
disf oiling the doubt you nmv possese iu
reference to our ability to cure the curse
of drink. All correspondence in plain
wrapper and everything confidential.
Inquire about our DRUG and TOBACCO
cure. Address all communications to
Giaud Island , Nubr.
Sheriff's Sale.
Notice is hereby given , that by
virtue of an order of sale , Issued tome
mo from the District Court of Ous
ter County , Nebraska , upon a decree
of foreclosure rendered In said court
at the adjourned March 1910 term
thereof , to-wit : On the 30th day
of August , 1910 , in favor of Angclo
Dondero and against Alva II. Coop
er , et al. I have levied upon the
following described real estate :
The east fifteen (15) ( ) acres of the
NEi4 of the NW i of section 7
township 18 , range 22 , in Custei
county , Nebraska , and I will on the
second day of January , 1911 , at 2
o'clock p. in. at the south door of
the Cadwell building whore the last
term of the district court was hold
In the city of Broken Bow , Nebras
ka , In said county , sell said real
estate at public auction to the high
est bidder for cash to satisfy said
decrco Interest and costs , the amount -
mount due thereon amounting to th
sum of $37.GO with Interest thereon
at the rate of 7 per cent per annum
from August 30th , 1910 , and court
costs amounting to $60.00 and accru
Ing costs. Srid above described
real estate will lie sold subject to
all prior liens and Incumbranccs as
per cerMficatea of file In the dist
rict clerk's office.
Dated this 29th day of Novem
ber , A. D. 1910.
. Attorney. 2G-30
Notice of Sale.
In the matter of the estate of Christ
ChriGteiuicn , Deceased.
Notice In hereby given , that In
pcrsui I'.cc cf an order of the Hon.
James 11. Ht.nua , Judge of the dist
rict couit1 Grccley county , Ne
braska , i.ir.tle on the 20th , day of
Septemlc-r , 1910. for the sale of the
real estate hereinafter described ,
there will bo sold at Broken Bow ,
at the front .ioor of the court house
( said court house being designated
as the Cadwell building whore the
last term of the district court was
holdin Cuii'er county , Nebraska , on
the 27th day of December A. D. 1910
at the hour of one o'clock P. M. at
public vinduo to the highest bidder
for $4500.00 cash In hand , the pur
chaser to assume and agree to pay
a mortgage for $7740.00 now against
the land , and execute and dollvoi
to the executors of said estate a
second mortgage for the remainder
of the purchase price , the following
deecrlbed real estate to wit : The
southeast quarter and the north
west quarter and the south half of
the northeast quarter and the north
east quarter of the northeast quart
er and the north half of the south
west quarter of section twenty
(20) ( ) and the northeast quarter of
section twenty-nine (29) ( ) In town
ship eighteen ( IS ) north of range
twenty-three (23) ( ) west of the Gth
P. M. in Custer county and state
of Nebraska. Containing G80 acres
more or IOKH.
Dated tUs Gth day of December ,
A. D. 1910.
John J. Chrlstonson ,
Thomas Chrlstonson ,
Executors of the cstato of Christ
ChrlBtensen , Deceased. 27-29
I have money to loan on well im
proved farms at G per cent. 13. 0.
J. B. SCHROCK , D.O. ,
Omcc In Dlcrfcs block.
Special attention given lto chronic
diseases , diseases of the eye , throat ,
I'lioncs-Omcc 433-Rcsldence , White 3J1
That Fruit Cake
We have all the neces
saries such as Citron
Peal , Lemon Peal Orange
Peal , nice fresh Raisins
and Currants , guaranteed
this years stock.
Headquarters for fresh
English Walnut , Almond
and Pecan Meats , Oand-
ied Cherries and Marsh-
mellows. Give us your
order for dainties when
you entertain.
We have just received n nice new
porcelain oyster display can with
Ulitiih top. Its air tightIn buy
ing oysters from us , we assure von
they will be clean stock and free
from dust. Give us your orders
for oysters and celery.
Sheppard & Burk
j Phone 125 South Side Square
Notice of Special Election.
Whereas the board of Supervisors
of Custor county , Nebraska , In regu
lar session on the 3rd day of December -
comber , 1910 , made passed and n-
dopted nn order calling and direct
ing that a special election bo dold
In Custer county , Nebraska , qn Mon
day the 9th day of January , 1911
at which election shall bo submitted
the following proposition.
"Shall the Bo\\l of Supervisors
of Custer countyA 'sbraska , at the
time of levying gral taxes , as
provided by law , for T year 1911
levy a special tax of mills 01
the dollar valuation ot\ j assessci
valuation of the taxable property In
said county ( said assessed valuatloi
being one fifth of the actual valu
atlon of said property. ) : The salt
special tax to bo collected the same
as the general taxes for 1911 are
collected , and shall said board , at
the tlmo of levying genera , ! taxes
for the year 1912 , levy a further
special tax on three mills on the dollar
lar valuation of the assessed valu
ation of the property In said county
( said assessed valuation being onc-
fifth of the actual valuation of said
property ) the said special { ax to bo
collected the sonio as the genera
taxes for 1912 are collected for the
purpose of creating a fund to bo
used In erecting a court house ant'
jail for said county at the county
seat thereof , on the county's land
in said county scat , being the slto
of the former court house building
recently burned , and known as
"Court House Square" In the city
of Broken Bow. "
Yes ( . . . )
No ( . . . )
The electors of said county are
therefore hereby notified that salt
special election ordered by said
board will be held to vote upon
said question , at the various polling
places in said county , on the data
above mentioned , to-wlt : On Mon
day January 9 , 1911 , and the polls
will bo open at eight o'clock In the
morning nnd remain open until six
o'clock In the evening of said day
In testimony whereof , I hereunto
sot my hand and affix the seal of
said county this ad day of Dec.
W. II. Osborne , Jr. ,
County Clerk.
Bon P. Morrla ,
Chairman County Board of
27-30 Supervisors.
Obscrviitlunlst.s ,
" " li
"ObsorvatlonlBts" are busy
Broken Bow of late. They observe
whore vallous articles move-able , are
during the day , and then sneak
around In the dark of the night ant
"move the goods. " Its very nice
to know where your neighbors coa
and kindling Is and where the oi
can Is kept , and without his con
sent borrow these necessities ant
forgot to return them , but once li
a great while an accident befalls a
tholf in the night and for a few
days at least his friends are Inform
ed tlmf'AIr. Thief" has a bad cold
the lagrlppo or Is otherwise India
posed , anyway ho Is laid up for a
while. If some of the petty thieves
that Infest all towns happen to read
this , they will perhaps take the
A New Glean Stack of
Frcsli IOLA Portland Cement.
Fresh Car of ACMA Plaster.
A Splendid Line of Fence Poata ,
tr you contemplate using any or
the above tliia Sprimg--or ii
you need a nice load of
. T. Bruce
Broken Bow , Nebr. Phone 234
Consult Him If You Want Water.
Uroken How. Nebraska.
Office over llolcomb'a book stnro
Office phone 208 Residence SO
Broken now , Nebraska.
Practices In all the courts. Convayanclng
and notarial work , onice up stairs over
State Hank of lirokcn How.
Ilrokcn How , Nebraska.
East Side of Square
Urokeii How. Nebraska.
Undertaker and Embalmcr
( Licensed )
Uuslness phone , 301 Residence 801B
Ilrokcn Dow , Nebraska.
Embalmer and Funeral Director
( Licensed )
Udlon'niock'illusliicss phoae'85 , Retlldeace323
Hroken How , Nebraska.
Real Estate , Insurance , Ranches aid
Pai in ; , for Kent , Legal Papers Drawn , Sur
veying and Platting.
Ilrokcn How , Nebraska.
E. F. Studebaker , Buick and
New International Automobilt *
Sec 0. H. CONRAD.
Office ever Haoberlo's drug tftora.
Phones , Offlco 114 , Residence 888.
For Sale. A fine- resident bldc
one block south of ball groundo.wlM
sell by quarter If profored. B. W.
Notice to Creditors.
In the County Court of Ouster Coun
ty , Nebraska. In the matter of
the estate of Samuel W. Lcep , DIR-
ceascd , Notice to creditors.
The state of Nebraska , to credit
ors of tsald estate.
Take notice , that I will sit In th
County Court Room , in Broken Bow ,
In said county , on the 17th day of
January , 1911 , and the 20th day of
June , 1911 , at 10 o'clock a. m. , to
receive and examine all claims filed
and presented against said estate ,
with a view to their adjustment and
allowance ; and that on the first
data above named the petition of the
widow will bo heard for homcotead ,
exemptions and allowance , and other
statutory rights.
The time limit for the present
ation of claims against said cstato
is six months from the 20th day of
December , 110 ! , and the time limit
for payment of debts Is one year
from said date.
Dated December 20th , 1910.
C. II. llolcomb ,
County Judge.
N. T. Gadd ,
Attorney. J9-88

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