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iotlcat Society
un IRepubltcari
Choobcs an Evpert Accountant to
Fill Important Position.
Many rumors have been current
regnnllng the appointment of n dep
uty state treasurer and the usual
number of aspirants have been an
xiously waiting to know "who the
choice would bo. The fact thnt
State Treasurer-Elect W. A. George
has kept the matter entirely from
the public Is a further evidence of
his desire to select the best avail
able person to'fill the position. In
f conversation with Mr. Ge6rge he
* A Informs us thnt * he has appointed
as his deputy , Mr. E. S. Mickey of
Osceola , Mr. Mickey Is a son of
Ex-Governor Mickey and has for n
number of years served as bank ex
aminer , and has been associate's in
various ways with expert accounting.
In making this appointment the best
Interests of the state were upper
most in the mind of the treasurer-
City of lirokcii Bon-
D. R. Rockwell , Mayor.
J. S. Squires , Prcs. of Council.
R. S. Kuns , Treasurer.
R. D. Plckctt , Clerk. \
1st Ward , J. M. Klmbcrling , E.
F. McCluro.
2nd Ward , James Ledwich , C. H.
3rd Ward , J. S. Squires , D. C.
4th Ward , S. L. Cannon , W. B.
The city council met in regular
session Tuesday at 8 p. m. with
Mayor Rockwell in the chair and
all counctlmen present. The com
mittee appointed to name the streets
reported. Motion adopted that
streets be lettered A to Z , commeli-
clng on the south 'side ommitlng
the letter I and substituting Broad
way. Then number the streets
commencing on the east with First
avenue. The matter of numbering
the houses will bo taken up as soon
as the committee complete their in
vestigation of methods in other.
King out the Old , King in the Xe\v
King out the falscIting in the True
At this season of good resolutions
let us ask you to resolve to read
our ads for the coming year. It wil
profit you as well as us , we often
have some Interesting store news
which may mean a saving to your
friends or to > ; ou. We wish you all
the joys of the season.
Complaint was made of the ley
condition of a nuinuor of sUtawalku.
and action will be taken against'
negligent property owners who per
sist in allowing snow and Ice to accumulate -
cumulate on walks unless walks are
The council Is doing good work
In preparing for free delivery of U.
S. mnil and it Is understood that
the time Is not Air distant when
Brokwi Bow will enjoy this conven-
Wo clip the following from the
Nebraska State Journal : Miss Pau-j
line Marley , of Linconl , and Urlal
Buchanan , of Chicago , were married
at Memorial Chapel , Chicago , Sunday -
day Dec. 11. Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan
will make their home In Chicago.
Miss Marloy had been a student at
the State University. "
Miss Marley will bo remembered
by her many friends here and Is the
charming and accomplished dangh-
tcr of Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Marley
who wore among our pioneer citi
zens , Mr. Marley being the organ
izer and president of The Mason
City Banging Co. Miss Pauline was
born and spent her early girlhood
days in Mason City but in recent
years she has been attending col
lege in the East , besides having
spent much time travelling abroad
with her parents , visiting many Eur <
pean and Southern countries , and
also most every important point In
America. Mr. Buchanan Is a young
man of sterling character occupying
on Important and responsible poal-
tlon with the C. B. & Q. Ry Co. In
In presenting the above article
clipped from the Mason City Trans
cript we feel that the old settlers
of Custcr county will turn to the
past with us and remember a rather
undeveloped young man coming in
to the county In the capacity of a
bank-employe. This was'something
like 25 years ago , at the time
his friends were rather concerned
| as to whether or not he would bo a
success In the business world. In
those days of struggles thev young
man full of hope and courage and
unlimited confidence in the devel
opment of Custer county pushed on
ward until today ho bears the dis
tinction of being one of the most
successful business men in the state
Is president of the Mason City Bank
Ing Company and has business in
terests in other localities. P. II.
Marley lias In these years become
well known In a business and social
way with almost every citizen in
Custor county. A few people may
envy these who are successful in
life , the opportunity is open to all.
A hobo , after being kicked from
freight last Saturday and then com
pelled to do an honest stroke of
work before getting outside of a
square meal , expressed himself In
more forcible than complimentary
terms against Xmas hospitality dis
played by town marshals in general.
Jess Trlplett who has been visit
ing in Canada the past seven months J
returned homo last Friday.
Let us fill your order lor fancy eatables and candles for that
luncheon or social you are planning
Stuffed Olives , nothing nicer 25c and GOc each.
lOc per bottle
Arrowroot Cookies.
Heinz Midget Sweet Gherkins
Assorted High Teas
30c per bottle
DeliciousTrou Trous.
White Malaga Grapes 20c per
Golden Rod Sugar Wafers
pound , 2 pounds for 35c.
and all kinds of bulk cook
Cocoanuts , fresh and fine ies.
lOc each.
\Jonathnn Apples , the finest
Wo handle Chase's fancy apple grown 40c per dozen.
Chocolates in boxes and Fancy Sunklst Oranges all
by the pound. prices.
Fruit Cakes , n fancy seller , Get a beautiful orange spoon.
SEALSII1PT OYSTERS.--Call and get Mark Twain's Oyster
Story Free.
The Eagle Grocery Store.
The Square Deal Store Phone 58
Judge Kstcllo Itondcrs Decision by
i ' Which Theodore Miller Takes
j His Children
i The legal fight over the Miller
children , In which Mr. and Mrs.V. .
H. Coulter of this place have boon
trying to retain the custody of 13d-
wnrd and Anna Miller , their small
nephew and niece , against the pro
test of Theodore A. Miller , the fath
er , wTtS brought to a close last Fri
day at Omaha. It will bo remember
ed that Sheriff Bralley , of Douglas
county , came to Broken Bow several
weeks ago and took the children
away from the Coulters on a writ
I of habeas corpus issued from the
court of Judge Estelle , at Omaha.
The children have been in charge
of their uncle and aunt since the
death of their mother several years
ago. Mrs. Miller was a sister to
Mrs. Coulter and at her demise
left the little ones In her care.
Miller brought suit to recover his
children but was beaten by the
[ Coulters in county court , Judge Hum
phrey who was on the bench at the
time , rendering a decision against
the father and giving the Coulters
the legal guardianship of the child
ren. The case was then carried to
the district court and Judge Hostel
ler , after going Into details careful-j
ly , sustained the verdict-of the low-
ci court and the children accord
ingly went back to the Coulters.
This was how matters stood up to
the time of Sheriff Brailcy's visit.
t Last Flday aftenoon Judrrgo Es
telle signed a decree giving the
father permanent custody of the
little ones. Judge 11. M. Sullivan ,
of this place who represents the
Coulter's made a motion for a now
trial ; but this was quickly overruled
by Judge Estelle. Judge Sullivan
stated that an appeal to the supreme
I court would bo taken and the cus
tomary forty days was given him in
{ which to perfect it. The decision
. , of. , Judge. Estelle.'s naturally dvef-- > '
rules that of Judge Hosteller's four
I years ago , and It is now up to the
Supreme court ( or will be ) to de
cide which of the two "his honors , "
was In the right. According to the
Omaha papers , Miller , who now resides -
, sides with his second wife in Omaha
; was greatly pleased with the deci
sion , and staled that his Xmas
would be all the happier for being
able to install his small son and
daughter in their own homo. (
Itosalind at Itcdgalv.
Indiana as a storehouse for Stev-
i cnsonlan adventures seems not yet
i exhausted , for in Ihe announcement
I of the approaching engagement of
"Rosalind at Redgate/'from the pen
of Meredith Nicholson , we are as
sured of another pleasant journey
into the valley of romance. Once
again strange craft cruise Lake An-
nandale , dark villains watch their
chance for a knife thrust in the
dark once again heroes are bold ,
arid maidens are fair , and the hap
piness of love crowns all. Glows
thus the fire of romance in the
heart of prosaic America , and all
, true patriots rejoice that another
commodity can bo procured at home.
"Rosalind at Redgate , " with an
uTTTuptTonal cast , and production will
bo seen at Opera House Tuesday
evening , Jan. 3d.
John Cadwoll Is at homo this ]
week from Manhattan , Kans. , whore
he la attending college.
Mrs. C. W. Duke with her son ,
Kenneth and daughter Grace of
Mason City visited In Broken How
Wednesday , f
Elba Plgman who is attending
school at Kansas City came homo
last Friday to spend Christmas with
his parents.
Clyde and Stella Walters arc at
homo this week from Grand Ishiml
college to spend their vacation with
their parents.
The Herbert Concert Orchestra
gave a Christmas dance In the opera
house Monday night. A largo crowd
was in attendance and some excel ,
lent music rendered.
Mrs. H. Lomax left for Baltimore
' Monday for an indcflnato stay. The
lady has been In poor health for
nome time and it is hoped the
change will benefit her.
If you are feeding hogs , oven if
only one or two , the most valuable
l feed to aid in putting on flesh is
'Tankage. Get it at the City Mill
Co. Phone 320.
Miss Jeano Todd went to Arcadia
last Saturday to spend Christmas
with her sister. She returned Mon
day accompanied by her sister Liz
zie who had been 'Isltlng there the
past faix weeks. \
Ij j I Dr. and Mrs. Schrock went to Lin
coln Sunday expecting to enjoy a
pleasant Christmas with Mrs.
Schrock's parents. On arriving at
their destination they found the
mother quite seriously ill. Tlio do
ctor returned Monday leaving Mrs.
Schrock with her mother ; * > * > :
\ Mrs. Jas. Wood entertained the
country card club Wednesday night
at her home , ono mile east of
town. A number of invited guests
outside of the regular membership ,
were prcccnt and partook of the
hospitality of the general hostess.
Cards we : e Indulged in , of course ,
and dainty prizes awarded the wln-
ners. Refreshments were served
at a late hour.
Now Masonic Lodge.
Grand Junior Warden Alpha Mor
gan in company with Deputy Grand
Cuslodit n J. J. Tooley of Anselmo ,
Joseph Molyneaux and M. K. Ilagor-
dorn of Ihis city went to Lltchflold
Tuesday u.d instituted a lodge Ma
sons. The Lltchfield Masons have
been quite active for the past year
making arrangements and fitting
thomselven for the work. Mr. Mor
gan was assisted by olher proml-
mcnt Mascns fcom neighboring lodge
and tis is customary on such oc
casions there wan not only a gath
ering of yasoiiB for work outlined
but a reur'on of old timers who
have wnlchcil with a feeling of pride
the pro eu' Grand Junior Warden's
promotl n to positions of honor in
the vaiiDir UiMes of Masonry. Last
Tuecdi1. : 's e\ cut will bo reinomber-
ed as one of the best meetings of
Its kind iu this section of the stale
for many years.
We now have "GIFFORD'S BEST" ripe
California Olives. The finest , besl and
most deliscious olive grown. These
olives are left on the tree to ripen and are
hand picked , hence you get the full flavor
from the fruit which is packed in herme
tically sealed cans. We have two grades
the Extoa Fancy and Medium in Quart
and Pint Cans.
Extra Fancy , 50c Extra Fancy , 25c
Medium 40c Medium 20c
PHonell _ _ THE GROCER Phone 180
Agent for DC Laval Separatora Cream Station
A Few Things Wo Shouldn't DeFer
For the Xt-xt JM15 Days.
Christmas has gene and the medi
cal fraternity rejoice exceedingly
over the In-rush of business result
ing from overindulgence In the
fcatlvo mlnco pie and the holiday
lurk , including , of course , all the
rich and toothsome trimmings that
go with these nohlo articles of food.
It was a glorious Xmas , albeit a
quiet one , and these not suffering
from dyspepsia and whoso consti
tution allowed them to partake of
holiday cheer without having to
break in upon the night rest of
the family physician had great
cause to bo thankful. Hut , we are
now facing a now year and It is up
to the bunch of us to state plainly
and without reserve what wo intend
doing for the period 1911 , even
though wo don't do It. It is so
thoroughly American for ono to inako
a big bluff on good resolutions then
drop ciulotly by the waysldo , wait
for next year and repeat the whole
business. And this has its advan
tages , in some ways , because it
breaks the monotony , adds zest to
the game and , every twelve months
gives your deluded acquaintances
the impression that you arc at last
going to brace up and do something.
There arc , oh , so many things wo
( should do this coming year ; then ,
again , there arc a few things wo
should not do. Hero are a few of
them :
Don't linger too long over the
breakfast table , especially when you
arc breakfasting only on a cup of
hot water and a pinch of salt.
Don't allow your hogs to make
merry on other people's property.
Your neighbor may bo n liberal
minded man , but the chances are
ho draws the line at strange pigs.
Don't envy the follow with a gal
lon of whiskey ; you are better off
than ho is.
, Don't .indulge .In ham sandwiches
and custard pie immediately after
eating a hearty meal.
Don't threaten to shoot your
neighbors' chickens ; you may bo the
proprietor of a chicken factory yourself -
self some day.
Don't tell people how superior
your eastern homo town Is to Brok
en Dow ; they will wonder how you
over had the courage to leave it.
Don't try to make friends with a
bull dog who has just been pre
sented with a Juicy bone.
Don't play marbles In the middle
of the stront. after a two-foot fall of
Don't swear when you crush your
finger with a hammer ; but repeat
the Declaration of Independence
backwards , take seven swallows of
water , then go to the back yard and
kick the dog until the hair disap
pears If you have children , you
might work them In also.
Don't think you are the only
prune In the plumb cake when your
wife presents you with a bouncing
boy ; there are several other child
ren In Nebraska.
Don't continually tell your wife
she Is the handsomest woman In
town ; she may try to convince
Bomo other man that she really is.
Don't kick at your homo paper
If something in it dosn't exactly
suit ; the country editor has his
troubles , oven though ho Is bask
ing in the light of prosperity.
South Onialin Llvo Stock Market.
Special He-port
So. Omaha , Nob. , Dec. 28 , 1910.
Cattle : Last week's run wns
only fairly heavy. Prices advanced
the first half 25c but flattened out
Thursday and Frlrtny , losing all the
gain. 7000 for 3 days this week
have not boon too many and prices
rule strong to a dlmo higher. No
choice cattle offered , bulk of best
beef 5.GO to 6.00 ; a few up to G.2G ;
medium 5.00 to G.GO ; good feeders
strong at1.7G to G.2G ; regardless
of weight ; a few selected up to
G.GO ; best cows 4.GO to 4.70 with an
occasional choice bunch at G.OO to
G.2G medium grades 3.GO to 4.00
and canners 3.00 to 3.3G ; best veal
still 8.00 for top and bulk 6.00 to
7.GO ; stock calves 4.GO to 5.00.
Bulls a little dull ; best butcher bulls
1.25 to 4.GO and Bologna 3.40 to
3.CG. Cattle requirements will ho
light this week but moderate re
ceipts Ilka present will do much to
maintain prices.
Hogs : Receipts 12,000 for 3 dayi
Gc higher both Monday and Tues
day but Gc to Iflc lower today , bulk
7.GG to 7.80 , top 7.8G. With con
tinued good weather and cheap corn
there is an inclination to hold and
feed which will result in heavier
hogs later. The market needs watch
Ing and a bad spell of weather will
undoubtedly bring Increased re
ceipts and we believe lower prices.
Sheep : Receipts 9000 for 3
days with market strong to lOc higher
or for Monday and Tuesday but
closing weak to lOc lower today.
Best lambs G.OO to 6.2G ; a few feed
cr lambs , having had a little grain
at G.7G ; fat light yearlings 4.75 to
5.10 ; heavy yearlings 4.00 to 4.40 ;
wethers 3.90 to 4.25 and good owes
3.50 to 3.85. Not many sheep will
bo required this week and continued
light supplies will have a beneficial
Yours truly ,
National Llvo Bj.ock' Com. Qo.
Broken Dow , Market.
Corrected Wednesday
Bar !
Turkeys .17
Butter. , 25
Eggs. . . 30
R. R. Martin returned from a
trip to Texas last Saturday. Mr.
Martin has extensive land and min
ing interests In Texas and Mexico
and reports conditions very prosper
ous In his locality In Texas. Much
time is being spent by these Inter
ested In securing new enterprises
for the young towns recently estab
Mrs. J. B. Wilson , whoso pleas
ant homo is situated one and one-
half miles east of the city , enter
tained a party of friends at a Christ
mas night supper in honor of her
mother , who is visiting hero. The
invited guests were Mr. and Mrs.
Jim Wood , Mr. rind Mrs. Lon Davis
and Mrs. J. E. Iszard.
' [ ' ' ! ' ' ' tf
It is our desire to do all we can
ot all times to promote the interests of
home industries , home dealers and the
home consumers. In order to comply
with this rule we must judge for our
selves who is most beneh'tted and in
what way. .We believe our\custorners \
will appreciate the fact that a first
class article of food sold at the same
price of inferior goods is a benefit to
the consumer , hence we are offering
you "Aurora A I" flour at 81.80 per
sack , $ > 2.iO ( per hundred , this flour is
fully guaranteed to make more loaves
of bread than any other flour we know.
. K

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