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Sunday Morning Courier (Lincoln, Neb.) 1893-1893, July 02, 1893, Image 2

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11 MS .--. - Ml I
A ttiitit'liiK l'nrt)5il Ihn Luke.
Ono of tho largest and most onloyublo
nodal ooiiIh of tin week win th il.ui
dug parly nt Salt l.alto IuhI evening,
given ly MiH0H Klltit ami Alloa How
dorv in honor of their friend, Ml'
Nefllo North of Columbus. A largo
number of married people wcrti present
mill a very pleasant ttnui was onjoyiu
nil present, who wore! Misses Mm1
llurr, Maud llurr, I tort lo llurr, ll.illu
Hooper, Funnlo lluwloy, Joannotio
Wilson. Fay MarHlwill, Clara Walsh,
Anna llarr, Anno Fuiiae, Olive Luttu
Nellie White. Carrie LeliUid, Hattlo Lo
latid.Nuoiui W.'iivor.UortrudoMaiqiiott,
JS'uiinlo lillllhridgo. Stella Kmior
aNVIIIo Kelly, Gertrude Hill, Maud Main,
numd, MiiNio Mulish. I'.Iim.ioc KIIihui
Maine Cm huh, ItnsoCniHon, Margin ot
llalrd, Leila Shears, Mary Miller, tier
Undo Ijiiwi, I'non Laws, ih.iilotin II l
lowhilKhi M H-irH Frank llurr, Charles
llurr, Hurry Kthk. W. I Moor. Low
-Mm-shuH, lohn Dorgun, C. . Smith,
Frank lliithiiwny, A. Koch, Aiiiltliino,
Frank C. ZchrnnK, Hubert ,lojrt, V. il.
Morrlwin, Matt llaidwiu, KuiCor, Cnarh-H
Hawlny, Fro I Sm wr. Martin Altkun,
W. M )rto:i H.iitlli. II. ri. I'Vo.' nan.llarrv
IHiilw.C I). Million, 1'V.vl HiiiU. fc. 1
Ht.Mohn, l-Vanlc IMIk, (In. WimiIh
and Dr. Sptihr; Miwrn. unit Mortlanu-H
11. K. Hallcy, U)lmrt I). Mulr. Kliiu-i-llonldi-.U.
I' Imthl, K.ltfar U. Ilololu,
MarkTIltnn, Ooorno MiArthur. Unnry
MaiiHllolil, .hwDph HlKKor, John II.
Wright, CMiarloH Mppincoll, lkorK
llrown, 11. I-., lliown, l- V. Urown, .). A.
HmlHtiilT, W'.ll. HurKrt'HVi'H, (Ircon, H.
,F. Uiron. A. II. C iirnith, .1). K. Thump,
pon. 'l'lMiuiirt II. Denton, A. Iliirllnit, II.
I. Hnthawny. T. K. Saiiilm'H. DkiiiiIh.W.
II. Wolcott, ilonry Zohrtinu, Sutton. II.
II. NIhhIi'V, II. I. FiNter, .liinmMi, CIhih.
litill, lltmry Hall. I'Vanh Hull. C. H.
Vim Diuumi, U. 0. Phillip, HtttuhluH, .
C. llurr; llurtlott. It. K. (lUToii. Mark
WooiIh. WIhk, M.viou Whoi-lor, Kirhy,
Krctl O. Ili'.vo, Mt. MohIiit anil Mih.
T. W. (Jritllth. The tlimcliiK pavilion,
Hurrouiuloil on till hIiIw by wutor, lirll
llantly llhtiil ami llllcil with ihmroiH,
prcHonteil a iiiont iittniotlvn uppi'iirnnuc.
A I'ri'll.v.Wrilillni'.
A very protty fniu'tionot thopiiHt wook
whm thi' fi'ii'iuony utti'iiilant upon the
-vmlillnn of MIhh Mr.io Bhaw to Mr. A.
11. McCoitnoll whh-'h wuh porfornu'il liy
Vutlmr MuShano at St.Thuri'Ha'Huliuri'h.
Tim litlilo wim nttltod in a hiiiulnoino
lavonilcr nllk continue with point lai'o,
lint ami (lliiimimln, uml uarrieil a Wait
ilful IkmiuoI of roHcH. Him wiiHiiucom.
panii'il to thi' altar hy hcrmaiil of honor,
fttiKH llayili'ii, or pumhii, who woro a
lu'comlnu p)vn of hi'liotropo nllk. Mr,
Harry HiiMHi'V. of Omaha, wuh tltn KrooiuV
Iwxt man. After tlio cerumony the
lirhlal party, with about thirty Invited
uueHtH, departed to the homo of Mth,
II. M. Uico which had been huudoinely
decorated for the ocuiihIiiii. The purloin
were banked with tropiual plantH and
rOM'H. After eoiiKiatnlntioim had been
heartily wlven tho younr couple by all
preHOiit, tho company paitook of an
elegant wedding supper in tho dining
riKim. A large lloral bell of ronen wuh
HUBpendcd from the chandelier and hung
down over tho cimlru of tho table, which
hh abundantly trimmed with lloral do
corullonn. Tho hclmio pveHonted wuh very
twuMtltul and inviting. After thurepiiHt
h general good time wuh onjoyeil liy all
proHont; nuvoral muHical PclcctloiiH were
rendered; Mitw Maine, of Chile, wiih
irtBont and gave foverul delightful
recltatioiiH. Mr. and Mih. McConnell will
vltt Philadelphia and tho ciiHt before
returning to Omaha, where Mr. Mu
Council in a member of tho Unit of Slier-lnanA-McConitVll.druggiHtH.
Tho bride Ih
n charmltig and gruclouH young lady and
will bo inisHed by a largo number of
frieiiilH In thin dry.
MmrliHl nt lliiinc,
A beautltul homo wedding occurred
Wednewluy evening at l(Kl X Htreet,
tho contracting purtlcn being MIhh
Mlmilu Kinher and Mr. Willlain Prewltt,
tho photographer. Tho coiemony wuh
lierforimnl by Rev. 11. T. DuvIh prcHiding
chlorof tho MethiHlist church, in the
presence of a largo number of lvlatiouH
and Invited guentrt. Tho parlorfl were
brilliant with plantH and llowern. At
jirecinely 0 o'clock the brido and groom
entered luccedcd by tho lirldcH' niece,
MIho liol)liy Finher, attired hi a jirutty
gown of pink Bilk, who allowed Howoih
in tho bridal path. The luiprcttmvo
corouiony took place under tho inch
way between tho parlorn which wan
druiied in Hinilax and nweot wuh. The
bride, who in a miwt charming young
ludv, looked very protty In a haiulHoiuo
white futin costume trimmed in 'lace.
An olegant wedding nupper was neVved
which wan participated in by alxiut
tlftv rulativeH and friends. Tho bride
anil gnxmi wcio tho lecipientH
of many priwnta testifying in a
notable manner tho enteem in
which thoy are held by their many
friends. rl hey will roinum at tho homo
of tho brldo'w parentHiit UKK X Htreet.
A 1('i'i(liiii Ml llu- Lincoln Nuriiml.
A largo number of Lincoln teachera
TOHponded to invitatioiiH fnnn Prof. Say.
lor to vinit tho Lincoln Xormal univer
nity Tuesday evening. Tho profensorH
and pupib joined in a cordial reception
to tho guests, and tendered a very inter
CBting niogram. Tho vlnitora woro tlml
uMiOredt hrough tho variouHdepartmentH
of tho Hchool and then gathered in tho
handsome new chapel, whero Prof. Her
bert Oldham wa in rcadincHa with a
mimical program prepated cHitccially for
tho occnslou. It wuh opened hy a piano
duot by Prof. Oldham and MIhh David
win. Prof. J. 1 Suylor then wolcotuod
tho guoHtH with a fow appropriato words.
Nina Wright Ming tho beautiful nolo, en
titled "Tho Pilgrim;" follow od by a piano
bo1o by Mr. Carl Tucker; a recitation eib
i titled "LiiBcn," by Misa Sadio llentloy
v , elicited much appliuiHe. Tho vocal duet
, ' ( "by'MifiH Wright and Minn Davidson hIho
i'b brought forth nuch apjilauso that thev
'7ii' woro co'Hl'ollwl to return to tho Htage.
m Tlio program was closed by Prof. Old
hath with a boIo on tho pipe organ. A
short tiiuo wan BKnt in Bocial convorBO
' at tho closo of tho nroimiiu. and tho
KiiestB returned in the best of ppiritB,
having steal tho evening in a moat on
joyable uml entertaining manner.
C'oliimldnii (iriii.
, Mr.jindMrB. Fredorick B. Shepard on-
lertained the farewell meeting of tho
Columbian group ut their rcBidence,
Fourteenth and D BtrcotB. Tuesday oven.
.' JnK. The meeting was one of unusual in.
jlwwt, ProfeaBor George U. Frankfortor,
TIib Htfiiro nn tlio left uonmn cintuuio uf violet littnr.iltus; foldi of velvnt of n
dnrlier mIiihIh ve or tlio m:mi of li itli skirt and i'iirvi;o; tlio llminco. tlio Wloon
Illicit sal tho ilr.ipory nil lliu willit nru if lion-mlini In two sliulcn nf lolotj liplt
RiidiUu.p enffrf of M'but. Tliu kliuiilliu fltruni ilNplrtrt n yinnx IiiiIv'h nMttiinu of
bnnna lincvti cliuilot, with iloulilu nkirt; ciuliiiiuni liraUl of illilunnit Miiltln fiirnNlu9
lately returned from a four yeniHHtudy
in (lermuny being prenent; Ho preHon
ted ImpreHioiiH of tho world'Hfuir in a
highly entertaining ami planning man.
nor ami alHogaveti graphic deHcrlption
of tho (leruianoNlilblt. Mr. Hugh La
MiiHter gave IiIh experlenco at tho fair,
whero to go, tho bent way to boo tho fair,
ami the oxpcnHcn, which ho claimed
woro iti'i.lerate. Thoi" prcu'iit wereMr.
and Mih. Will O. .Ioiich, Mr. and Mih.
Paul K. Clark, Mr. and Mrn..!. II Mock
ott, MIhh Mary L. JoneH, Mr. LaMiiHtor,
Prori'Hior IK'orgo Frankfortor.
i.ii'ui N.vlat.
Tuemlay evening betweon tho Iiouro of
8 and 11, tlio beautiful and HpuciouH
lawn Hurrouudlng tho hantlHonie rem.
deuce of Mr. and Mih. TIioiuuh Darnell,
121 1W V ntreot, proHontod a moHt attrac
tive appearance. It wiih the occiihIou or
a lawn Hocial In honor of Mr. DarncD'H
Sunday hcIiou! cIiihh in tho Holdrego
Htreot itiiHHion Kchool. Several merry
gunioH were Indulged in by tho joung
people, and tho vocal nolo, en
titled "After the Hull," rendered by
MIhh Jennie Ilicheock, received
emphatic cxprcHHiuiiH of ap)ir,oval. Two
joung ladleHiletuonHtrated their abllitieH
at mind reading, and the evening nlipped
away inont merrily to all piepent.
I.iiu'ii.1-i' Comity rnnni'iH' Oluli.
Mr. and Mrn. Perrin entertained tho
LanciiHtor County
cantor County FarnierH' club at Hh
nieotltig, at tho atnto fttriii, Avery
lorate dinner wiih nerved, after which
hint mi
tho gueatH wore shown through the
grounilH of tho experiment Htation by
Mr. Perrin and Prof. Ingorwll. Tho
lutBlueHH meet lug commenced ut.'t o'clock.
Prof. IngeiHoll conducted u very Inter
eating (IihuuhhIoii of fruit culture. Heci.
tutioiiH were given by Mr. liowiuan, MiHH
Johnson and MIhh Hosio. Tho next
meeting of the club will bo at tho iimI
deuce of Mih. lloxio, b!x iiiIIoh math of
liiiiuoin un .-(iiiui mini.
In. Civihii snciiii.
Wodiu'sdaytholudloBoftho W.C.T.U. '
had ikwbobbIiiii of tho entire Bccond Mojtr,
of the . M. C. A- building from 5 tulli
o clock p. in. Tor the puriioso of aiiiHii.
Hing ice cream, cake, HtrawborrioH, ranp.
berrieH, confectionery, cut Howoih and,
iHitted plantH. for tho benellt of tho Y. '
Si. O. A. fund. The piiilora woro pret-
tily decorated and tho rollowjng ladlefl
superintended the tubloH. Mih. Hello C!. '
I lligelow. Mih. S. 0. O. Upton, MIhh I lart-
ley uml Mihh cram all. Mho conrection-
vi iimi iiiint-i iiuiiiiiiiiuiii uu, in
charge of Mihh Ahnena Parker and Miss
hnnnio Newman.
Dlni'.l ill Hit. I'lirin.
number of young people
Knsign'H coach WedneHday eiening lor a
drive to the Kiwign farm for Biinper.
Tho iiarticiimntH were: MIhoh Helen
llurwooii, Don
a Hurley, Stella Curtia. , 1 ho engagement or Mr. Ldwurd Wch
ane, Mario Marshall, Lucy ' ,f 0la,"' ,,1'1 Mltrt ,Hncliel
cho CJarten. Grace Hunt Schwab, of bt. Joseph, Mo., Ib
Daysle Cochrane
Grl i. lianc
.luirer. Aila HeatonJ Mohsoi-h hVank
Kitchen, Hurry Hviiiih, (Itcgory, Rohh
Curtis, Wilson Winger, John Lot t ridge,
Harry Hurley and Homer Honeywell.
Nirtely NiiIik.
Last Saturday evening thoro was a
notable banquet at the Windsor hotel,
given in honor of Judge J. It. Johnson,
of Topi'kii, Kan. Judge Johnson sat ut
ono end of the table and Mr. J. W. John
son, Boerotury of the Htuto board of
transportation, at tho other. The -other
bnnuuotors wore Judge J, II. Strode,
Judge C. L. Hull, Judgo A. S. TibbetH,
Judge I. W. Lansing, Mr. F. J. Kolley
anil .Mr. U. D. bteniB. the ropiiHt wim
enlivened by tho interchange of reminis
eoncei,oti,undthooventHof tho evening
left a very pleasant imprcBH on tho mom.
ory or those present.
Mr, Justus 1). Sutherland ami MIhh
Laura 1), Stevens woro united in map
rlago TucHday evening, at tho resilience
of tho bride, 1801 R Btieot, Rev. O. A.
Williams, of the First llaptist church.
Only immediate relatives of
tho contracting nartiea woro present
After an olalxirato wedding Biipper. Mr.
and Mre. Sutherland departed for Klin
wood, whero thoy will reside. Tho bride,
a very accoiniillBhed young lady. Is a
Hlstor of Mr. W. T. Stevens, of the legal
tlrm of Stevens, Love & Cochran. Mr,
Sutherland is a prominent ami highly
re8Kcted young attorney of Ehnwood.
Tho state convention of tho Daughters
of Vet runs opened Hh session at tho hall at
MV ,., , ..... 1 (...
xweiiiu uiui mi sireeiH. luesoa.v evening. ;
There wus a large nuinlaT In uttenilance,
und a very enjoyable tiiuo wus had by all
present. Judgo Strode welcomed the
vinitorH in a cordial and appropriate
manner and wiih rcH'ioiidi'd to by MIhh
Ihiiiiia Calvert. Honlor vlco-preflldent of
tho Htuto departuiont, who Hpoko very
highly of the hoHpltallty and courteay of
Lincoln people.
A party cotiHiHtlng of Mr. and Mrn. I'.
C. Hrownell, and Mr. and MrH. Kldrldge,
j of Leadville, Col., arrived in Lincoln
t Monday, and remained until TucHday
evening, at the tcHidenco of Mr. .1. K.
tnony 'uniting the IIvch and fortunon of i
marloy, to witnesH tlio
t, iill itiicu r lut mil iii Hint MJti'ii
Alitw I'linnio -M.irlev anil Mr. j tarry n.
Shaw, of LcudviHe, Colo., after which (
the party of nix Htarteil for the worlit h
fair city.
Tho lawn around tho residence of Rev,
Uohn Hewitt, Thirteenth and .1 atreetH.
proHonted an nnhnated and brilliant up-1
iiearanco Tuenday evening, the occasion
helng a church h ciul. 'I lie lawn was
boaiitifiilly decorated, mid refreHhiuo.itH
i ere nerved from Hiuall tabjoH which were
lighted with eundlfH, ineHentlng a votV
invol and iirctty hco e. 'I hero were a
jargo number in attendance, I
The program of the Delphian nocioty ,
oi mo i.incoin oi nun uiitvorHiiy at mo .
ineotiiiL' last nluht wuh uh follow h:
Hiography, MIhh Uiowii; tecltation, MIbh
HoynoldH;uiUHlc;reviuw, Mr. S. M. Kirk
land: nelection. Mih. Ilummell: reClfa-
t ion, Misa Johnson; pntnphcaBo, m
, Kouse; npeech, Mr. Scjtt Lamb,
,, , ,, , ,, ,,
' .M.r,,,M" M.r,'J-,J- lJhiutn a
and narty
of Omidia, will leave for Spirit Lake,
Iowa, Wednendiiy evening, in'endingto
Hpond tho Hummer at thin delightful re
sort. They will iirobably bo joined by a
party from thin city, Mr, ChailoH L. llurr
und otheiH having planned to go.
A number of young people are plan
ning to celobrato tho ! ourth of duly by
nn outing at Woodlaw n They expect to
K ,)Ut ,,luy i the inorulng, and' loinaln
.,u ouriy evening when thoy expect to
give a lino display of lire workH.
The Junior Endouvor Bocioty of tho
Kt Lincoln ChriHtian church gave an
onjovublu Hocial at tho residenco of Col.
Trii.p, Thirtieth and W BtreotH, Monday
,. ',, ,, . . , ., , ,,.
. Mr. illlain II. A. Anhworth and JIibh
Aiiiiii M. DU-terlo-Khodo wiue united in
marrlago ThurHday, June lid. They will
' "t bomo after AugUBt 1, ut lu0 11
Mrn. Lou HurgebH.whohaHbeen matron
r .Uo wortlnngton military acaiiemy ,
f,)r tho past vear. will bo married next
( vm,t to Mr. VanDicHsor, of Washington. I
Tlio residence of Dr. and MrH. Lanby, i
Fourteenth and M HtreetB. wiih the nceno ;
,, t.nji.yuhlo ico cream Hocial, given for
' the benellt of tho Y. M. 0. A. fund.
Impure blood Ih tho cause of lunumor
able muhidicH. llouco ono of the great
est benefactions to humanity wuh tho
discovery of Ayor'H SarHiiparilla, which,
more than any other medicine, has saved
America from becoming a nation of in
valids. Hoh and L'irlH between the ages of 111
, anil (, wlio furuiHli their own bathing
suits, will ho admitted to tho giea
' nlunire in tho new sanitarium. Four
onth and M streets. AHSOLUTKLY
FKBK OF CHAUGK, Tuesday and
Saturday mornings, July 1 and 15, on
tho presentation of a Couuu.it coupon.
Tuesday inornirg from !) to 12 o'cloc'r, '
for bo)Bj Saturday morning, July 15,1
Biuno Iiouih, for girlH.
Special ladieH- ico cream parlorH liuvo
.en opened over Hrown'H lloyal Cafe.
i wen oi
121 North Tenth ntreot. whore
tho most
delicioiiH icoH and creaniH aro sened by
courteous and trained attendants. Pri-
vato dining rooms for small parties.
M!hh S. 13. lilnkcslcc, lino dressmaking,
ut Mrn. GoBporV, 1114 O Htreet.
A tine lino of canned soups, 25 coats
-tor can. Miller & Gilford. groceiH.
W. A. Collin & Co., grocers, 141 South
Kloventh street.
MisscH Hoggs & Catfyn, dreHBinaking
parlors F.uo stamping, l.'tll M street,
telephone 511),
Visit tho New Students' gallery and bo
convinced that the work is tlrst-class.
10,'M O street.
Wtieu tlit lltoom r Vi.ulli la ll Ollrt
llnrpr'i Ailvlrn In Sliilroim Tli'lr
llauulilrrn Are AUo Tulil llmv l Off"
lS"clnl C(irrciK)tntinrc.)
Nkw YoiiK, Jiuuj liO. It U n dinicult
and heartbreaking period for a woman,
that lying iMjtwoen yoilth and old age,
and few women have tho courage to face
It. It means that all the llttlo Bveet at
tentions given tlio young women aro out
of place If offered, and they aro ottered
more and ttioro rarely, for there lit a time
when youth has llowu and old ago has
not yet come Unit tho woman lias not
tho pleasurei of youth nor tho privileges
and honors of many years. It Is hard
for tlio "woman to give up one after an-
I other the dainty little udorntuontH only
nnitaiile for youth, lnit, oh, ho prettyl
Henceforth HhointiHt dress in lieavlerand
Btatelior goods. Hho cannot wear the
rlbbotiH. the hatn, the Btylen. of her
younger i-fatcm. Her hair tnnst not be
drcshnl ho becomingly, and over all her
attire must bo that Hobcrne bellttlng
the "middle aged woman."
If It were only all youth and old age.
without that dreaded middle age, when
n woiliati Ih made to feel that hIio in
"nothing to nobody." many homes would
be happier, for the middle aged woman
ia not happy. Indeed I think the pitiful
struggle of a woman to remain young
to keep out of that ilrouitoil time when
whole world nllghtH ami .Ignores her-
mi' "ii. imiiieiiumgiii m mo worm.
Her liUHhand has not kept pace with her.
bhc Huh HUiluonly p.isseil ueyoml beauty
and youth, and if huo reHonts his turning
to fresher faces bIio haa an added cros
to bear. Her lnmbiitid Is called a young
man still, and ho la no, even though ho
has iiassed Into Ids forties, tent tho
woiiinu -well, she must try to Dear it
and Htiidy herself a llttlo bo as to avoid
too youthful dress on ono niilo or falling
Into a careless habit on the other.
Now Is the time for her to wear tho
tlilr'k rii'lf Pii.lirti.-4 Hint nn. mi liii-iilumiui
tjmt ti, uy s drawn to them rather
tjml . (0 -a,-
ling face. Lace is of tho
greatest value, and wherever lace, black
or white, can possibly bo added to a
gown It should bo. Cropo Jlsso rufllca
aro also o.v 'I'jnt for a Miftenlng effect.
Full lace r.. riles around tho neck, be it
on gown, negligee or cloak, are desira
ble. Let the bonnet bo of lace, with
broken lines around the edges, and let
the whole apparel bo neat without that
oxact precision that strictly belongs to
old age.
The complexion suifors with tho rest.
and it grows sallow, and this requires
great euro in tho Belection of colors.
Grays, greens, some browiiH, all purples
nnd most blues should be let severely
alone. Chooso Instead tho snuff browns,
tans, pinks, garnets and deep, rich tints
In bluo. Dark green can bo worn by
putting lace, lots of luce, between tho
gown and tho neck.
One design for a middle aged lady Is a
superb black grenadine with velvet
stripes, and, by the way, velvet is tho
most becoming material the woman who I
is losing tier youth can wear, 'J his model
has a plain skirt and a plain, gathered
waist, with a wrinkled velvet licit. Tlio
sleeves aro modified balloon puffs, and
there is a simulated Eton jacket of em
broidered vi-lvet. Around tho neck is a
rulf of lace. A small black lace ami jet
bonnet completes the toilet, which id
very elegant, but, alius! not what tho lady
would fain wear.
-' - .'r. ' .1 . Ar
-l..,. ..IT
ITlkM lllltllllltlHllI ll.iu 1tl.i .. .1. .. 1...1..
,,","" in"" ' V .T in
I lno 'l"yr. lilac and white, with the
,uw K''ren inn oi son straw covena
wmi ounerciips, looks a itcturo or Iovo
llness, and her whole outfit does not cost
a twentieth part of that of her mother.
Such is life!
There aro other matrons not quite bo
old, and for them almost anything is per
mitted, yet thoMi who have a reputation
for correct dressing keep a littlodlstanco
from the styles set apart for young girls.
Ouo very retluod dress was of stone gray
cashmero sublime with fivo rows of satin
ribbon of the exact shade Bowed on flat.
Tho corsage is like a mlingoto, hut turns
down at tho top hi a liertha capo, and
tho top is filled In with cream crejH) do
chine, nnd there is u fall of lace.
km we
1 1 il ( 1
now oi'isiv koi
he LADIES TURKISH DEPARTMENT will open Monday, July 3.
There ! Cotlilntc Plner iiitlieVo.ilcl
boonard Hard-Wood Kefrigeratois,
Quick Meal Gas and Gasoline Stoves,
Garland Stoves and Ranges,
licst Qiitililii, t'J l-'iv ih'v fool.
'JPoliless.., 01xciixs, liioolcer'f-i.
1 1 18-1 122 N ST.
Are Now Open and we arc Serving the Purest and Mott Delicious
Ice Cream In the Gity. ,
We Make a Specialty of Family Orders and will promptly deliver all Supplies a'
Reasonable Prices.
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